Old School

Here, an opportunity to try and capture the look and feel of a bygone era whether it was the glamour of 60’s American advertising, subtle tones of an early 20C sepia print, or a heroic look at a pioneer Australian aviatrix.
Maxilift sepia skyscraper scene
Santa holding a Xmas Pudding
1930 Lady jockey
VW Kombi Food truck
Northern Territory Military Tourism poster
Father Xmas in an aircraft style Jetstar sleigh
Hair and sunglasses of Audrey Hepburn
Rockabilly Pinup Girl in 1950's style
Vintage poster illustration of a Circus Strongman
B17 Betty Grable nose art
Barossa Pearl Couple
Nancy Bird Walton Portrait
Young people watching the sunrise on the beach. Concept for a Wine label
Family Feud board game
Diner Waitress Pin up girl
Nancy Bird Walton in cockpit
1950s Couple washing dishes
Bell and Rope
stylized 1920 airbrush poster of a pilot in a vintage bi plane
Chilled wine bottle
Barossa Pearl Girl
Military pinup girl
Lebanese man wearing a Fez
Pinup Girl with Red Polka Dot dress
1950 Ad man
AIF soldier during the attacks of 1942
Cucumber Sandwiches
1940's Pinup Girl
Maxilift sepia dock scene
High Tea