This illustration style is reminiscent of that used on model construction kits when growing up as a kid. A versatile style that can be used for a variety of products and settings. The Mercedes Benz trucks were a real pleasure to work on.
High Tea
Sectional cutaway of Sand Blaster helmet
Australian Prime Minister WWII John Curtin
Paul De Gelder Navy Clearance Diver
Australia from Space
Pinup Girl with Red Polka Dot dress
Santa holding a Xmas Pudding
Cucumber Sandwiches
Pope nozzle set
Red Convertible
Chilled wine bottle
Sopwith Camel
Shipping Facility
Home Water Supply
Hogshead Barrel
1948 Holden
The effect of pollution on the Coral on the Great Barrier Reef
1929 Alvis
Blonde Pinup girl 1950's
Mercedes Benz Freightliner
Tall Ships
Red Morgan sports car
Light Feet Wines
Pope timer tap
Pope sprinkler
VW Kombi Food truck
Pope garden hose
Porsche Sports Car
Full colour illustration of the 2022 Toyota Tundra for the 'Born from Invincible' Species Chart Poster
Car Battery Cutaway
Family Feud board game
Mercedes Benz Sterling
Mercedes Benz Atego
Lebanese man wearing a Fez